Monday, November 9, 2009


This is technically called as STOP message or STOP error. It has some other names such as BSOD(Blue Screen of Death) , System crash,kernel error, STOP message. 

  •  This is a error,which shows a full blue color screen error after a serious system crash. It contains the list of files,which was crashed & also it contains the drivers. It also shows simple description says "what to do?".. It will also show the STOP Code. 
  • Stop code is a unique Hexa-decimal value. you should not compare this with System Error code, Http status code,Device Manager code & a Post code. It's different from these codes.


  1. Not a comment, but a question. Can I disable restart from the safe mode with command line. That seems to be the only way I can get into the machine. I get a BSOD, but it flashes up so fast I can't read it.

  2. Friend, In my knowledge, there is no way to disable auto restart using command prompt.. So if u r using vista, repair ur OS (there won't be any missing of data).. if u r using XP means, switch to Service pack 3..

  3. Hey, um, I have Service Pack 3 already.
    I had a virus that was pretty nasty, and then it stopped being that nasty the same night I found it, and me being stressed out already just gave up and shoved the laptop away. It was fine until I decided "Heh, I better get rid of it now" last night.
    After running the scan and deleting infected files, it won't start up and I get the BSOD, too fast for me to read it. Seems to only be one value that pops up though.
    It lets me boot up in safe mode, but not any other mode. I don't have a system restore.
    I tried running more scans incase it missed the initial one, and after 4 scans I got no more infected files. Still won't work though.
    Any idea of what I could do? I don't want to lose the stuff I have on here. It's a netbook, so I don't have a disc-drive (except for my external one) to use CDs.

  4. Can you switch to Vista or Win 7.. Otherwise say the exact code (BSOD error code).. i will help you..

  5. I can't switch to them. And the BSOD travels too fast for me to see the code.
    All I know is it's most likely malware related.

  6. Friend, according to this post .. It's an Latest issue, They are asking you to keep the Antivirus upto date..And its not possible in the case yours pblm.. so If possible, try to use UBUNTU live CD with the help of ur external hard disk to back up ur data..


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