Sunday, December 19, 2010


    Google Pack is:
  • Software selected by Google
  • Always free
  • Ready to use in just a few clicks!

    Google Chrome Web Browser
  • Make browsing the web faster, safer, and easier
  • Search from the address bar

    Google Earth
  • Zoom from space to street level — tour the world
  • Find maps, driving directions, hotels, restaurants, and more

    Google Toolbar for Internet Explorer
  • Search from any web page and autofill forms
  • Block annoying pop-ups

    Google Desktop
  • Find all your email, files, web history, and more
  • Get all your personalized info in one place with Sidebar

    Adobe Reader
  • View, print, and search PDF files via a redesigned interface
  • Secure your documents and collaborate via online, real-time meetings

    Google Talk
  • Connect with your friends via IM or free voice calls
  • Send and receive files and voice messages easily and quickly

  • Play popular media formats, organize music and videos
  • Transfer music to iPod and other portable media players

    Google Apps
  • Use Google email, calendar, and document applications
  • Create, collaborate, communicate and share with friends and family

    Spyware Doctor with Anti-Virus
  • Protects your PC with advanced anti-virus detection and removal
  • Detects and removes spyware, adware, trojans and keyloggers

    Google Picasa
  • Find, edit, and share your photos in seconds
  • Easily remove red eye and fix photos

    Mozilla Firefox with Google Toolbar
  • Browse the web quickly and securely
  • Switch between pages quickly with tabbed browsing

  • Make free voice and video calls to anyone else on Skype
  • Call landlines and mobile phones at pretty low rates

Download This package at :

Thursday, December 16, 2010


                 HTC is set to introduce Windows Phone 7 based handsets in the country by getting ready to launch HTC HD7 next week in India at about Rs 30,000. HTC was the first company to bring Android phones to India and will probably be the first one to bring Microsoft Windows 7 Operating system phones too.

                           The HTC hub will be a live tile, as you can get the weather for your current location, as well as the weather outlook for a few other locations. This is similar to how the Sense UI displays weather on devices like the EVO 4G.The HTC HD7 has a 4.3 inch capacitive touchscreen accompanied by a kickstand. The device is powered by a 1 Ghz processor and the Asian version of the phone is expected to come with 16 GB of in built memory.The phone also boasts a 5.0 megapixel camera with auto focus and dual LED flash, and supports video recording in high definition.
                         HD7 is 3G enabled and supports WiFi, GPRS, Edge and Bluetooth 2.1.

Monday, December 6, 2010


                                  Google has announced the release of a stable build of Chrome 8 web browser. Chrome 8 is the first beta to come with the built-in PDF viewer. New Chrome 8.0.552.215 version is a stable version that graduated from the Chrome 8.0.552.215 beta version. Google claims to bring over 800 bug fixes and stability improvement in this Chrome 8 build.

    Unlike the bundled Flash Player, which is just a repackage version of the official Adobe release, the Chrome PDF viewer is built in-house.Chrome 8 also brings built-in support for Chrome Web Store that will allow users to search free or paid web apps.

Chrome download For

Saturday, December 4, 2010


                                 CBI website on Friday was allegedly hacked by a self-proclaimed Pakistani cyber army.On a day when India's premier investigating agency Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) is swamped with the investigation of major corruption cases, in a major embarrassment, its website has been hacked.
The netizens who logged on to the official home page of CBI ( redirected to a different page Showing the image below.

In addition to the CBI website, the self-proclaimed Pakistan Cyber army claims to have hacked another 270 websites.

Thursday, December 2, 2010


                                  Google Doodles are known as the decorative changes that are made to the Google logo to celebrate holidays, anniversaries, and the lives of famous artists and scientists. Whether it is the beginning of Spring, Albert Einstein's birthday, or the 50th anniversary of understanding DNA, the doodle team never fails to find artistic ways to celebrate these unique events. Now it goes Mobile phone browsers.Steve Kanefsky, Software Engineer at Google has written it in Official Google Blog as 

                                                         " While we’ve had oodles of Google doodles on our desktop homepage since Larry and Sergey created our very first in 1998, doodles on our mobile homepage have been few and far between. Today, we’re happy to announce that we’re bringing more doodles to your phone, beginning with Android 2.0+ and iOS 3+ devices worldwide. In fact, almost all of the doodles we show on our desktop homepage will now have corresponding mobile versions on these phones. When the doodles are available, just go to in your mobile browser to see them." 
                        Just Enjoy the Doodle on the Go!!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


           At least 35 Pakistani government websites were hacked on Tuesday by a group calling itself the "Indian Cyber Army".Among the websites that were hacked also comprised of the National Accountability Bureau.The government took action to secure the hacked websites and most of them were restored by afternoon.The hackers posted a message stating “Hacked by Indian Cyber Army”.

                                   Gartner, a reputed IT research firm have warned that cyber attacks will become multi-modal and highly damaging in the future and that even G-20 nations could suffer as a result.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


                       Lemon Mobiles launched a new 3G mobile phone in the Indian market named W1000 and priced at Rs.3500.
             The W100 3G phone is a GSM phone and is available in two different colors Vibrant Red and Stylish Blue. It supports GSM or WCDAM i.e. 3G card and comes preloaded with Lemon Live TV application with one month free subscription.

                It also has a dual camera with 1.3 mega pixel camera and 0.3 mega pixel VGA front camera for video calling. The 3G handset is available pan India and the company would like to drive the 3G penetration across its customer base with the launch W100 3G

Sunday, November 7, 2010


                  If all the tablets in all the towns in all the world, this Samsung Galaxy Tab walks into mine. And I'm no Humphrey Bogart. So lucky me.
Samsung should score a high with the release of the Galaxy Tab, we're giving it an "A" for making this coveted tablet available to the Philippine market. Okay, and now we have to choose between the Galaxy Tab and the Apple iPad. Not that the two gadgets are equal, each has features that distinguished one from the other. We're talking of choice here, something almost everybody has to make come Christmas time.

As the first major Android tablet release, the Galaxy Tab is, hands down, the most worthy challenger to the claim of supremacy made by Apple's iPad.
Okay, so the Galaxy Tab is a lot smaller than Apple's tablet with a screen at  7 inches to the iPad's 9.7-incher. The Tab sports a slick black and white-styled body made of plastic, and light at only 380g. The 7-inch display is bright and colourful enough, and the WSVGA screen resolution (1024x600) is sharp.
The Tab comes with two built-in cameras: one 3MP rear-facing camera with LED flash and also a 1.3MP front-facing camera for video conferencing. Now that's a big bite against its intended competitor.
With 3G connectivity and 802.11n Wi-Fi, the Tab allows you to be truly mobile,   the Bluetooth 3.0 is there for transferring files and streaming to external devices like headphones and speakers.
The inclusion of Android 2.2, or 'Froyo,'the most up-to-date version of Android currently available, makes the Tab a world full of wonders, technically speaking, of course.
The onscreen keyboard is functioning above-par, with crisp you haptic feedback as you type.
Flash support you will find in the Galaxy Tab which means you can watch any web video content from within a browser.
On the homescreen there's a very useful 'Active applications' button which, when pressed, gives you information about all the apps which are currently running on the device.
There are four touch buttons, similar to to those average Android phones – one for home, one for options, a back button and one for search.
On top is a 3.5mm headphone jack. The on/off button is on the right hand side next to the volume controls and further down left the slots for a SIM card and a microSD expansion card. The underside is for the charging and docking connector, while the only external feature on the left side is a small microphone.
We've barely scratched the surface here, boys. This petite beauty has just walked in, and we're not done playing with it. We're sleeping with it for a few more days, then we'll decide if the Samsung Galaxy Tab is really the One that You Want.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


                         Some people are born with a knack for typing quickly on a mobile phone, clacking away at a virtual or physical keyboard as if it were attached to a desktop computer. But if you weren’t, there may be help, from 3qubits, a mobile phone software company started by two PhD mathematics student at Cambridge University in England. Their solution to tiny mobile keyboards is  a new virtual keyboard they call 8Pen, expected to be introduced on Tuesday.

At first glance 8Pen replaces the traditional area of a keyboard with a multi-colored X and a large black dot. Letters seem to be randomly placed, yet the keyboard creators say there’s a rhyme and reason to every aspect of the new layout.
 8PenThe 8Pen keyboard interface.

Michael Fester, who worked with his partner, Volker Schlue, to create the new interface, said in a phone interview that the new keyboard was born from a discussion about the frustration of typing on small mobile phones and constantly making mistakes.
“We really think this could replace keyboards for small devices,” Mr. Fester said. “At first we are going to launch with an Android version of the software, but we’ve filed a patent on the keyboard and want to build it out for the iPhone, Windows and even game controllers.”
On the company Web site the two 8Pen creators try to explain how to use their newfangled keyboard:
A character is produced by pressing down in the centre, entering any of the 4 sectors, and then passing through either 1, 2, 3 or 4 adjacent sectors in either clockwise or anti-clockwise direction, before returning to the centre. The order of the letters along the edges, and the side on which they are placed, indicate the number of sectors to be passed through, and the direction of the movement, respectively.

Sounds confusing, I know, but the interface is designed to recreate the action of handwriting and from a video accompanying the new keyboard interface, it looks as if it might actually work.
“From a personal use I was very amazed when I first used it,” Mr. Fester said. He said that it took him only 10 minutes to feel comfortable with the interface, and that it didn’t take long before he could type as quickly as on a traditional desktop keyboard.
“It looks confusing, but it’s really just a matter of using your finger to create a number of circles and figure 8s on your phone,” Mr. Fester said.
8Pen is going to have some competition. Swype, a software company based in Seattle, offers a keyboard interface that lets users “glide a finger across the virtual keyboard to spell words, rather than tapping out each letter.” But the Swype keyboard doesn’t rearrange the keys or placement of the letters.

Friday, October 22, 2010


                      This is a guest post from Kip ( )

                            Most of the time, Internet and network users can operate without even thinking about IP addresses. This is because most systems dynamically allocate available addresses behind the scenes using Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP), so all you have to do is plug in your device and enjoy. Once configured, DHCP works within the parameters of IP networking standards, to manage all the addresses on a given network. When a device connects to the network, the DHCP server will give it a new IP address which could be different from the one it had before.

DHCP works well for most machines and devices, but some services require their address to remain the same so that users and other devices always know where to find them. Such an address is static, meaning that a machine will keep the same IP address even after rebooting. Here you will read more about static IP addresses and 4 things you will need one for.

1. Voice over IP (VoIP) phone systems: Because many networks segment their VoIP phones onto separate IP networks, you will often find that they are configured with static IP addresses. The static IP addressing scheme is used to prevent phones from accessing network DHCP servers and thus configuring themselves on the host data network rather than on the voice network. VoIP phone systems use features such as VLAN and priority tagging as well as Quality of Service (QoS) implementations to guarantee the best possible performance for voice packets on a network.

Another reason static IP addresses are used with VoIP phone systems is to correlate a phone with a specific user. Because the phone always has the same address, locating resource conflicts on the network is easy when they occur. Also, network administrators can restrict the IP addresses that are useable on the voice network to prevent the addition of unapproved devices on the voice network that could degrade its performance.

2. Self hosting websites: When you sign up for a hosting service, your server is usually assigned a static IP address. This is important because you are able to access your site at any time, even if it doesn’t have a domain assigned to it (or if your domain name expires). You can access FTP and other services by using your server’s IP address so when and if you assign a domain name to it, your server will be ready to go.

Static IP addresses are important to most servers, even in home and corporate environments. Administrators, client PCs and other services need to know where network resources are located at all times, so dynamic addressing usually won’t work for things like the mail server, DNS server, voice server, gateways, and other devices. Giving these services static addresses make sure that network services are always accessible.

3. Remote access: If you need to access a machine remotely using remote services, Terminal Server, VNC, or other solutions, you will usually need to know the static IP address of that machine in order to connect to it. Just think of how difficult remote access would be if a remote access server was configured for dynamic addressing: every time its address expires or the machine reboots it would get a new address which remote users would have no way of discovering, creating obvious connectivity and productivity problems.
4. Gaming servers: Servers that host games must have a known IP address so players can connect their games to host servers. When gamers choose to enter multiplayer environments, their game asks them to input the IP address of the server. Without a static IP address, the gaming server will routinely change addresses, leaving many gamers disappointed with the inability to play.

These 4 services are just some examples of the many things that you might find that either require a static IP address or work best with one. Keep these services in mind so when you need to configure them you will have some static addresses ready to assign.

Kip is a freelance writer who currently writes about ADSL broadband for

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Google releases so many products—most of them free—that it’s easy to overlook one that’s really special. Google Voice qualifies.

Thanks to its features and competitive potential, Google’s relatively new service has been quietly sending tremors throughout the telephony industry.

And Google Voice—a service that’s like a supercharged telephone number that you can use from your cell phone, smartphone, or from Gmail—is gaining traction, offering features that are either unavailable with other phone numbers or available only at a fee.

There is, though, a bit of bad news—at least for some. Currently, Google Voice is only available in the US.
However, the internet is full of workarounds for international users who sign up for the service via virtual private networks (VPN). And once a number is procured , the service can be used freely.

Moreover, Google plans to roll out Voice internationally . The only question is when.
But whether you get Google Voice now or in the near future, it’s likely to make you rethink your current phone setup —or , at the least, to provide you with some attractive, free options for enhancing how you use your existing lines. So what can the telephony product do for you?


Anyone who juggles multiple phone lines and hates missing calls will love Google Voice. Once you have a Google Voice phone number, you can set it up so that any calls you receive on the service will automatically ring all of your other telephones, acting as a real-time call-forwarding system. If there’s a telephone nearby, you’ll get the call.


Google Voice takes voicemail to a new level, thanks to a number of features that will be a boon to those frequently playing voicemail phone-tag.

One feature allows you to set up personalised greetings for particular callers or particular types of callers.
So, for instance, you might want to set up a fairly formal greeting for business associates, while friends and family would hear a whimsical voicemail message , complete with music and sound effects.

Even more useful, however, is Google Voice’s ability to transcribe voicemail messages into text. With this enabled, you could automatically receive an email transcription of a voicemail message while you’re in a meeting.

You’ll also have an instant record of all voicemail messages received—thanks to Google Voice’s integration with Gmail—and you can easily forward a voicemail message by email as well.

The transcription capability in Google Voice is a transformative feature that might make you say goodbye to listening to voicemail messages the usual way, and it works surprisingly well.


For anyone who hates the peremptory nature of carry-everywhere cell phones and smartphones , Google’s call-screening feature will be welcome. With it, you can preview who is calling and then determine whether to answer the phone or send the person directly to voicemail. The choice is one-touch simple.

Voice also makes it easier than traditional phone services to block particular callers. Can’t seem to shake pesky calls from a business or acquaintance? Just select the record of the calls in Gmail, and follow the instructions for blocking unwanted calls.


Once you’ve set up a Google Voice number, there are multiple ways that you can use it. Firstly, it is available as an internet-based application, through your Gmail or iGoogle account, with a simple and clear interface.

In this sense it’s very much a competitor of Skype, which up to now had pretty much locked up the internet telephony market.

Skype still has the edge over Google Voice in some ways. In particular, there’s no video conferencing feature in Google, whereas in Skype, oneon-one video calls are easy and fun.

Google Voice’s conferencing feature - which requires adding additional callers to your current call as the calls come - is arguably less friendly than Skype’s as well.

But Google Voice’s crowning achievement is that it can be used from most smartphones—removing you from the need to be at your computer to make or receive calls and potentially cutting down drastically on your cell phone bill.

BlackBerry, Android, and Nokia users can point their phone’s browser to to get the right version of Google Voice installed on their phone. iPhone users need to get Google Voice from iTunes.

Once installed on your smartphone, though, most of what makes Google Voice worth having is available at your fingertips, no matter where you are. That’s why, once fully rolled out, Google Voice may just be the next must-have app for the masses.


The freshly launched Google Instant is the latest search innovation added to Google Search engine that is destined to make the search engine smarter and humans lazier.
Google Instant combines three core features - dynamic results, auto-complete predictions and scroll-to-search functionality. This new interface combined with infrastructure enhancement claims to save up to 5 seconds on a typical search query.

Web search giant Google has made its newest real-time search innovation - Google Instant available for the Indian domain. New Google Instant search stands up to its name and literally makes every other search engine look outmoded.

Last month, Google Instant was launched on domain. You can check out the Google Instant by visiting Google India search -

Note that Google Instant is only available on Google Chrome web browser and we don't know how long will Google take to bring Instant for other browsers as well.

In recent times, almost every browser comes with a search engine box next to the address bar or web search incorporated in the address bar itself. People who visit regularly will easily notice this change.

Google stated that after enabling Google Instant, people had adjusted to the new search experience and looked at their search queries without hitting the enter key.

Though this new search experience is meant to make users happy, many aren't pleased with the new Google Instant. Hackers took up the challenging task to find out and compiled a lengthy list of blacklisted keywords to which Google Instant doesn't respond.

Google Instant remains to be Google Search home page experience and isn't included in the Google Chrome's Omnibox (Address bar that incorporates search).


The next generation Linea T-Jet is launched by Fiat India Automobiles on Friday(08-10-2010).The company claims, that the car will redefine the luxury standards and performance.

The Fiat Linea will be the first car in the premium sedan segment to vaunt a turbo charged petrol engine and the car vaunts a new T-Jet engine with imported power train delivering 114 PS and a torque of 207 Nm.

The Fiat Linea T-Jet with 13 new features and seven class leading equipment sets new benchmarks in the areas of performance, safety, comfort, ride , handling and in-car infotainment.

Fiat India will initially focus on two of the most important markets- Mumbai/ Pune and Delhi/National Capital Region, which constitute 60 per cent sales volume in the C plus segment.

In terms of safety, it offers standard four disc brakes, dual airbags, ABS with EBD. It has bigger 16 inch alloy wheels with wider 205/55 R16 tyres and longest wheel base of 2603mm and enhanced ground clearance of 170mm.

Speaking at the launch, Fiat India Automobiles President and CEO Rajeev Kapoor said, “The Linea T-Jet is a product that has been refined according to the feedback received from existing and potential customers.It literally sets a benchmark in the C plus segment with its robust engine and the never ending list of features. Linea T-Jet is sure to give competition in the C plus segment, a run for its money.”

The Linea T-Jet is available in eight colours and will be available at Tata Fiat showrooms in Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and the NCR before it is launched in a phased wise manner across the country.

As a special introductory price for the two variants, the T Jet is priced at Rs.8.84 lakh (ex-Mumbai) and the T Jet Plus at Rs.9.29 lakh (ex-Mumbai) while the same products are priced at Rs.8.55 lakh and Rs.8.99 lakh ex-Delhi, respectively.

Saturday, September 4, 2010


  In Nokia and some mobile phones the Authenticaion Certificates place a main role, If you don't have a Certificate, The  major Applications like Gmail,Opera,Nimbuzz,etc can't be installed properly. So that It's necessary to have Certificate on mobile. How to install or Get this Certificate ? I have found a solution. Follow the steps below to get Solved to your problem:

  1. First Set your time and date Correctly
  2. Then Goto one of these links from your Mobile browser and save the certificate

                       That's all the problem is over..

Friday, September 3, 2010


            Always China based companies make revolution in the market by reducing the cost with high quality products. Now its time for Huawei to Show its capability. It's going to release an affordable Smart Phone first Time ever in the world. It's named as Ideos.

                      The cost of this phone will be nearly $100 to $200. It's Going to be released in Europe, Asia, North America And Latin America. It has 3G, WiFi,etc in the features list. This is developed in direct partnership with Google. This will be released in black, yellow, blue, and purple Colors. Now Everybody is waiting for the break release of this phone.

Thursday, September 2, 2010


          Tech-Com, An India based electronics company has introduced a new technology in Home theater System. The model is SSD 5900R. It can play movies from USB, HDD and SD cards. This system includes a set of Speakers for stand alone DVDs and PCs.

                                                    Moreover it has a built in FM radio for Music pleasure. Then the major advantage in this system is "Pro-Logic", which makes the Sound effects like real life.. This will reach Indian market at this November. And it will be Priced at Rs.3,899

Saturday, August 28, 2010


                                         Yesterday night i was browsing through the internet i found a funny but thinkable moment. When i search for the keyword "Google" in Google search engine, The first result was (is) from CNET news. I have attached the image which shows the search result here. Check this out friends..

Search Result

There are so many things, which leads Google to be the number one Search Engine. Here i have given one of a reason(Honesty of Google).

Thursday, August 19, 2010


                      Last week, i was searching for best currency converter on internet to convert some currencies of African and European Countries. but i found nothing best, because Every Currency converter is converting its values with some fixed values. so that we can't get exact present day currency value conversions from those sites.

                                                  Finally i wondered with Google's currency converter, which is updated every moment with new currency values. So i recommend this for my readers. There is no special applications to download or to use through web. Just type type the conversion currencies into Google  Search button, e.g "500$ to INR" search, the next second it display's the exact current day's currency value. Check the image below.

Start Converting from now onwards....

You can also make use of this simple interface from google, which is present at

Saturday, August 14, 2010

GMAIL-The New Renovation in Contacts

As we were expecting,the great search giant Google has renovate its mailing service - Gmail. The company has overtook the contact management tool found inside Gmail.

The Contacts interface of Gmail has not seen many changes since its 2004 launch even the core Gmail has been changed significantly . Links to Contacts and Tasks have been added to the Gmail inbox, in the upper lefthand corner,above the Compose Mail button.

Users can hide the Contact and Task links by click on the Mail link above them.
Compose mail is now a button rather than a link. A smaller header area puts the first message in users' inbox.

The Select All, None, Read, Unread, and Starred links that used to be above your messages are now options in a drop-down menu, next to the Archive button. Keyboard shortcuts now work in Contacts too, and Google has made selecting and grouping contacts more like selecting and labeling email. Users can now sort contacts by last name.

Use custom labels for phone numbers and other fields. Now, when users have the option to undo their recent changes.

Automatic saving: This means users no longer need to worry about 'edit' mode or `view' mode — just edit away and Gmail will save your changes.

Structured name fields: Users can now set name components (i.e. Title, First, Middle, Last and Suffix) explicitly or continue to use the name field as a free form area if they prefer a less structured approach.

Manual and bulk contact merge: Users can now merge contacts from the More actions menu. All they need to do is select the contacts they would like to merge and select Merge contacts from under the More actions menu.

Friday, July 30, 2010


Nokia -the leading handset vendor has announced the latest mobile application for its users i.e.,Ovi Browser beta, which is aimed at Series 40 phones, and which is expected to prove a great option for Nokia's users.

This puts the Ovi browser in the direct competition with Opera's Mini which has been in this space since 2005 and is arguably the most used mobile web browser today.Like Opera Mini, Ovi Browser is a Java client that uses a compression proxy to reduce bandwidth.

Nokia said,"We’re in the process now of building up our global infrastructure to provide the best possible speed, performance, and reliability for millions of users. We’ll also be adding features to improve local search and personalization and extending support for more local languages and markets “.

Ovi Browser brings rich web browsing to Series 40 devices that's fast, easy, and saves on data charges. The browser is powered by patented cloud-based Internet compression technology that delivers advanced web pages to your phone. As a result, pages show up quicker than ever and over the air data usage is reduced up to 90%.

Beyond performance, the browser includes an innovative user interface that makes it easy to access your favorite content directly from the start page without having to hunt through menus

Other features include support for form and URL auto complete. Users can also select their default search engines. It also supports various view modes including a full page view, zoomed-in view, column view.

The Ovi browser is now designed for Nokia's mid-range Series 40 phones. The new mobile app is compatible with phones like Nokia 2700 Classic, Nokia 2730 Classic, Nokia 3120 Classic, Nokia 3600 Slide, Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, Nokia 5220 Xpressmusic, Nokia 5310 XpressMusic, Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition, Nokia 5330 Xpressmusic, Nokia 5610, Nokia 6300i, Nokia 6303, Nokia 6500 Slide, Nokia 6500 Classic, Nokia 6600 Slide, Nokia 6700 Classic, Nokia 7210 Supernova, Nokia 7900 Prism, Nokia X3.


Usually we used to hold the backward key in your browser, inorder to access the history page. Here is the new chrome extension that allows us to view the history page with a single click on your browser.One click access to History page from the toolbar. Click the following link to install the history button in your chrome browser.

Thursday, July 22, 2010


Now a new computer program has fortunately decoded a written ancient language last used in Biblical times into a known language. The success could contribute "resurrecting" ancient texts that are no longer understood.

This program has been developed by a team at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the program automatically translates written Ugaritic, which consists of dots and wedge-shaped stylus marks on clay tablets. The script was last used around 1200 B.C. in western Syria.

A sample of Ugaritic script on a gift-shop replica.

To evaluate the efficiency of their programme, the researchers gave reference of the Hebrew language, which is similar to Ugaritic.Through repeated analysis, the program linked letters and words to map nearly all Ugaritic symbols to their Hebrew equivalents in a matter of hours.

According to the scientists, the programme looks for commonly used symbols in the two languages and gradually refines its mapping of the alphabet until it can go no further.The system is then able to make assumptions about the way different words are formed and whether they consist of a prefix and a suffix, for example.

The Ugaritic alphabet has 30 letters, and the system correctly mapped 29 of them to their Hebrew counterparts.Of the words that the two languages shared the programme was able to correctly identify 60 per cent of them.

The programme also assumes that the computer knows where one word begins and another ends, something, which is not always the case.

Barzilay thinks the decoding program can overcome this hurdle by scanning multiple languages at once and taking contextual information into account improvements that could uncover unexpected similarities or links to known languages.

Friday, July 16, 2010


When we click the fullscreen button in the YouTube video, it does not change the size of the actual browser window; it just fills the window with video.
Now the new Google chrome extension Window Expander for YouTube maximizes YouTube videos in your web browser by eliminating all white space and other texts and increases the viewing quality level of the particular video. 
This new Feature has been added as of Version 1.7; here we can now set a preferred quality level for YouTube Videos.  The options include small, medium, large, 720p, and 1080p.
Click here to install the Window Expander for YouTube.