Tuesday, March 30, 2010


               Recently i wanted to take a very important print out of an online document for my project and found out there was no way to do a ‘Print Preview’ in Google Chrome. After searching I found it and i thought would be great if i share it here.

Steps To Print Preview in Google Chrome

1. First step is to download an extension called IE Tab which opens websites in Google Chrome as if its opening in Internet Explorer.
2. After opening the particular page to print (or print preview), click on the IE Tab extension icon besides your address bar. It would open a new tab which would display the page as if its Internet Explorer.

3. When the page is loaded, right click anywhere on the page and you can see the option ‘Print Preview’ in the context menu.
4. Click on it and that’s it, you would be able to preview how the print would look.
Click the following link to download the IE Tab:


Sunday, March 28, 2010


                    Google Chrome is one of the fastest browsers. At the beginning of the Chrome release, there was no extension for Google chrome. finally they released extensions for chrome. One of the best Chrome extension is Google Dictionary. When you double click on any word on the page, there will be a pop p will be displayed and the definition will be there.

                  The Address bar dictionary gives the definition of any word or phrase.Supported monolingual dictionaries:

- Chinese, Simplified
- Chinese, Traditional
- Czech
- Spanish
 - Dutch (Nederlands)
- English
- French
- German
- Korean
- Italian
- Russian
To install this extension, go to link1..
Link1: https://chrome.google.com/extensions/detail/mgijmajocgfcbeboacabfgobmjgjcoja

Tuesday, March 23, 2010


                          Ferrari virtual race is a racing simulator, which allows the gamers to drive Ferrari cars virtually. Gamers can select Ferrari's latest cars and can customize it. There are few simple steps to start your racing..

  1. Go to link1 and download the Game
  2. Configure your car
  3. register at ferrari.com
  4. Save your car to My Ferrari
  5. Then Finally export your car from My Ferrari to Ferrari virtual race.

          This game requires the following minimum configuration

  • 1GB RAM with 500MB freespace in Hard disk
  • Windows xp sp2 OR Vista SP1 with DirectX 9.0c
  • AMD Athlon 64 3200+ or Intel Pentium 4 3.2GHz processor
  • Some laptops may not play this, Online version is expected to come soon.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


                   Mozilla has released its Firefox Open source browser 3.7 alpha 1 build in February. Now it has released its next build Firefox 3.7 alpha 2. Mozilla is issuing this build through FTP(link1) servers. The firefox 3.7 alpha 2 will be hopefully supporting all of its previous version's plug-ins. 

Some Features of this build: 

  • Hardware Acceleration
  • Pop up controls to block unwanted Ads
  • The plug-in crashes can be reported automatically
  • Supports HTML5
  • Merged Stop and Relod buttons and more
Don't want to waste your time, download and Check new features, Download this Build From the links given below:

Monday, March 15, 2010


Nokia tried it with its N-series, Sony Ericsson tried it with its F-Series and now we have Micromax who is the latest entrant which is a world of mobile gaming. The company has announced its first gaming oriented handset named "Gamolution" . The Gamolution is capable of motion gaming and boasts of a decent accessory list that should make your gaming experience the best. It comes with a Bluetooth game dongle, a bunch of lanyards and a few wristbands. You get Game Codes as well as a separate Game Manual.

The phone has a very nice specification.A dual band phone that comes with a large enough 2.4-inch QVGA display. As mentioned earlier, it supports 3D motion gaming and has a microSD slot packed in as well. You can increase the stock memory to 4GB - which should be sufficient for a phone of its class.

The Gamolution also has a basic 2-megapixel camera that should suffice for casual photography. While it might not be a REALLY good camera phone, you can use it as a very usable webcam. The G4 Gamolution, as the phone is also called, comes with 500-person phonebook memory and capacity to store up to 200 SMS - which we feel is a bit on the lower side.

The Gamolution has a not-very-impressive 850mAh Li-ion battery which can, on paper, provide the phone 5 hours talk time and up to 8 days of standby time. The company is yet to announce a release date and price related information.

Form Factor Bar Style

Band GSM 900/1800 MHz or 850/1900MHz

Dimensions 112X49.6X12.8mm

Display 262K, 2.4" TFT(320*240),QVGA

Motion Sensor Yes, (3D)

Music Multi Format Music Player (MP3 / AAC / AAC+ / AMR)

Camera Yes

Stereo FM Radio Yes

Messaging SMS / MMS

Bluetooth Yes

Video Player Yes

T Flash Card Yes

GPRS/WAP/MMS Yes, GPRS (Class 12)

Phonebook Memory 500

SMS Memory 200

Expandable Memory MicroSD (upto 4GB)

Ringtones 64 channel polyphonic

Battery Type Li-ion 850mAh

Talk Time Up to 5 hours*

Standby Time Up to 8 Days*

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Few days back, when I was browsing the internet, I came across an interesting article regarding blogger tips. I immediately thought of mailing it to my Gmail account and started copying the contents and pasted in the compose mail and send it to my own inbox. When I shared this matter to my friend, he suggested about a free add-on for Firefox browser known as “Email Yourself which considerably reduce the complexity of copy paste process which I have done already.Follow these steps to simplify your task.
  • Only gmail users can access this service.
  • First you have to add the Email "Yourself" extension into firefox browser.
  • Then go to Menu bar->View->Toolbars->Customize to drag the email yourself shortcut button into firefox’s toolbar.
  • If you wish to mail some interesting webpage content to your google account,you just need to highlight and click on the shortcut button.
  • After that a new tab will be opened by the add-on application which is the Gmail Compose New Message page.It contains all the highlighted content with the url of the particular web page which is pasted in the body area of the new email.
  • Finally just click the send button and automatically you will receive the email in your inbox.You can save it in your own personal database.
Inorder to recognize the user’s email by the add-on application,a simple setting need to be followed.
  • Go to Tool->Add-ons->select Email Yourself
  • Click to option button and add your email address and personal ID message.

Friday, March 12, 2010


                      Blogging is a powerful way for expressing ourselves. Now Google has released its Blogger Template designer on Blogger in Draft. As we all know, Blogger.com is going on adding new features to its users. But this one will be markable from Blogger. The new features are,

  • 15 new highly customizable templates
  • Single, two, three Column Templates
  • Hundreds of Free background images from istockphoto.com(link1)

For Doing this Follow the steps below,

  • Goto Blogger in Draft (link2)
  • Then click layout -> Template Designer, then do as your wish.
  • Finally, click the Apply to blog button.
  • For more tricks, visit official Blogger in Draft blog (Link3).
  • Watch the video below to know more

Sunday, March 7, 2010


                           Some of us use unlimited internet plans and some others will use limited internet usage plans. But all of us interested to know about our daily usage, upload speed, download speed,maximum speed,etc. But its not possible to watch each and every change in bandwidth.So that i suggest you a free tool, which does all the above said jobs for you and also stores the full historical data.

                                   For getting full detail and daily download range, you have to right click on the Netmeter window and select Totals. you can also customize your Netmeter by going to Options. Download the Netmeter from Softpedia using the Link1.

Thursday, March 4, 2010


                       Opera Software released on Tuesday its Opera 10.50 Web browser, calling it the fastest browser ever produced for Windows computers.Users no longer have to wait for a site to load.Other features include a refined design and private browsing. A new menu button replaces the traditional menu bar, providing single-point access to Opera features.
· Platform integration
o On Windows 7/Vista, you will notice a lot of visual changes and use of APIs, which allow the UI to display the Aero Glass effect. For Windows 7, we also added Aero Peek and Jump List support to help you easily access your Speed Dials, Tabs, etc. from the Taskbar.
o For Mac, a complete rewrite in Cocoa brings a Unified Toolbar, native buttons and scrollbars, multi-touch gestures (try 3-Finger Swipe Left/Right or Pinch to zoom) and a bunch of other small details. WeGG also added Growl notification support.
· “Private tab” and “Private window”
You can open a new Private tab or Private window that forgets everything that happened on it once closed.
· Non-modal dialogs
Dialog boxes (JavaScript alerts, HTTP authentication, etc.) are now non-modal and are displayed as a page overlay. This allows you to switch tabs or windows while the dialog is still displayed. Similarly, the Password Manager dialog is now anchored at the top of the page won’t block any content as it loads a new page.
· Address field and Search field improvements
Both fields have been upgraded in looks and functionality. They can now remember searches, support removing items from history and show results in a better layout.
Download Opera 10.5 at link1..

Monday, March 1, 2010


 The world's first Windows phone 7 from LG has been unveiled by Aaron Woodman, who is the director of consumer experiences for Microsoft's’s mobile division. It is released on Engadget show. But the Mobile phone is unnamed from LG. 

                                 This LG phone has full touch screen capability, 5 mega-pixel camera with flash, QWERTY slider model. Its thicker than Apple's iPhone and Google's Nexus.It has nice look. It may change in its features,when it comes to market.
                                   What's next?? now we must wait to see the other giants to release their phones for Windows phone 7. HTC,SAMAUNG and MOTOROLA are expected in this race..