Sunday, April 25, 2010


While we are browsing in Google chrome,a lot of links create new windows instead of new tabs, so JoinTabs moves every tabs of each windows next to that tab where you click the icon of JoinTabs.You can also use the shortcut CTRL + m to merge windows. After installing the JoinTabs,reload all tabs to use the shortcut.It works also with popup windows,as Developer Tools. This is really an useful extension.

Click the following link to Install the new chrome extension:

Thursday, April 22, 2010


As we all know, today Google chrome is a well established browser for most of the net users, which has enhanced features than IE and Mozilla firefox.We may think that we are not in a need of IE anymore. But still there are some sites that can only be displayed using IE.

Here is a new extension of Google chrome, where you can see those sites without leaving Chrome. It’s a Great boon for web developers who want to test the IE rendering engine, users who use sites with ActiveX controls, and users who want to use the explorer view for local files. We can use Internet Explorer to display web pages in a Chrome tab.

Click the following link to install the new chrome extension:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


A virtual keyboard is a recently introduced new feature by Google on selected international sites like Google India. This virtual keyboard appears next to the search box if you use search interface in a non-Latin language like Arabic, Russian or Greek and helps users to type search queries in such languages regardless of the language keys on their physical keyboard.

Example of virtual keyboard for Mongolian:

Example of virtual keyboard for Hindi:

To try this, what you have to do is, just change your preferred language from the search page and you will notice a keyboard button next to the search box on result pages. It can be helpful for people who use one of the many non-Latin script-based languages that require special characters.

The nice thing about Google's virtual keyboard is that, after clicking on the keyboard icon next to the search box, you can use the keys from the virtual keyboard or you can use your keyboard. The corresponding key on the virtual keyboard will be typed in the search box rather than the character shown on your physical keyboard.

Click the following links to experience the virtual keyboard feature:

These are some incomplete list of Google domains that show the virtual keyboard

Google Greece,Google Finland, Google Sweden, Google Iceland, Google Poland, Google Russia, Google Ukraine, Google South Arabia, Google Thailand, Google Mongolia, Google Indiaीह&btnG=खोज&meta=&aq=f&aqi=&aql=&oq=&gs_rfai=

Monday, April 19, 2010


Few days back my friends asked some photos to mail. I said that it takes a lot of time to attach the files in mail, and fortunately Google has added drag-and-drop attachments for Chrome and Firefox users to just drag-and-drop files directly from their desktop or from some other locations and attach them to their emails without browsing the files by clicking “Attach a file “button, and upload them one by one. Dragging and dropping attachments can definitely help save some time.

There is no installation process to drag a file to a message. Just follow the steps below:

1. Start the Compose window.

2. Then drag a file to the section of the compose window where the “attach a file” link is located. You will see that area of the window expand. Drop the file there, and you will see the familiar UI as the file is uploaded.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


                 Now a days some browsers, especially Google Chrome is having some problem in Facebook chat.. Now there is a solution for this, you can make use of Chit Chat, which is purposely developed for Facebook chat. Use this tool and enjoy the chatting with your friends.. Go to Link1 to download this tool.

Features of this tool:
  • Fun and Free - Convenient and fun way to chat with your Facebook contacts without the hassle of surfing Facebook
  • Free Your Web-Browser - No need to keep your web browser logged into Facebook
  • Easy To Use - Download, install and then login with your Facebook username and password - easy!
  • Popular? - Swift and fast tabbed chat Interface making it easy to talk to many friends at once
  • Instant Message Notification - Lets you know when you receive an instant message.

Friday, April 9, 2010


                                     Many of us have a gmail account.Here is an extension of google where it displays the number of unread messages in your gmail inbox on the top of the page.Click the following link to install this Google Mail Checker in your system also.So that you will be aware of the number of mails in your inbox.


The economics of the electronics industry is mainly based upon its capability to manufacture thousands of microchips simultaneously from silicon wafers the size of dinner plates.If we could make those wafers from a material that is far superior, and incomparably more glamorous:diamond,then a new generation of greener, more powerful electronics could be evolved.As we know,pure diamond is a super-tough electrical insulator, but given the right impurities it becomes a semiconductor.Also it is the best thermal conductor on Earth. Those properties means synthetic diamond could be used to make microchips that handle high-power signals but do not require power-hungry cooling systems.
Sowing Sparklers
Obviously, making diamond wafers big enough for economic mass production has been a difficult process.. Synthetic diamond is made using a process called Chemical Vapor Deposition(CVD), in which a plasma of methane or other hydrocarbon gas deposits carbon onto a surface "seeded" with diamond particles. When the wafer has been grown, it is etched off the seed layer. But until now, the largest diamond wafers made like this have been around a centimetre square and a couple of millimetres thick.To grow them further, the AIST team first tried using CVD to bond several smaller wafers together.

It certainly has sufficient potential for fabricating electronic devices.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


                      Last night i was on the process of finding good universities and scholarship for foreign studies of my friends. but All of them are in foreign languages such as Deutsch, French,etc. I searched for Google translate button on the website, but they are not using that. So i finally decided to use Google translator extension for Google Chrome ,which can convert the whole website into our required language(In my case it's English) within a fraction of time.
                    I found two extensions from Chrome extension collections. They are two extensions which are helpful in this situations. First one is Google Translate and next is Bubble Translate. Google Translate will translate the web page with one click and also it can automatically detect the language. Download this Extension from Link1.

                The Bubble Translate will do it differently, In this Translation method we have to select the text to translate and click the icon nearer to address-bar, it will translate and show the result in a bubbled window.. You can download this and use it from Link2.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010


                            Yesterday night i was using eBuddy mobile IM client to chat with my friends. After few minutes of usage eBuddy gets clashed with Facebook chat and i could not continue my Facebook chatting. So i disconnected it and tried to log in again. But I could not do it with my mobile. So i left the plan of chatting with Facebook friends from mobile.

                                                     After few hours i opened Facebook in my PC. When i signed in, Facebook reports me saying "There was a unfamiliar operation" and asked whether i am familiar with that event. Finally i gave Ok, then  verified a captcha (I think ,you know how difficult is it to verify a captcha in Facebook) and went to my Facebook homepage. After that only i came to know about "How secured Facebook is?".. Really a hacker needs to do a lot to get a Facebook Account's password and informations.

Monday, April 5, 2010


Hi friends,Now a new version of WordPress 2.0 is available i.e., WordPress 3.0.In Beta 2, the layout will be different and a bunch of the functionality will be improved,but we didn’t want to

hold things up for this one screen. In WordPress 3.0,You can play with making custom menus,

and report bugs if you find them, but this is not how the final screen will look/work, so don’t get

attached to it.WordPress and WordPress MU have merged. This does not mean that you can suddenly start adding a bunch of new blogs from within your regular WordPress Dashboard.

Play with the new default theme, Twenty Ten, including the custom background and header

options.Custom Post Type functionality has been beefed up. It’s very easy to add new types, so do that and see how it looks. WordPress MU users should test the multiple sites functionality to

make sure nothing broke during the merge.

To Download WordPress 3.0,Click the following link:

Sunday, April 4, 2010


        I am using mobile phone GPRS for connecting internet to my PC, so i am having the habit of changing the service providers( mobile networks). Now its the time for Tata DOCOMO. But they are allowing only limited Data usage for their mobile GPRS plan. But the speed is nearly 23 to 25KBps(200kbps). So i started using it. But the one day plan with 5Rs/day for 10MB is interesting one.

                                Because the One day plan is not just for 10MB & its offering unlimited data usage with just 5Rs. Could you believe it??.. Now i am using this plan to connect internet to My PC and it's faster than all type of 2G Datacards :) .. This is the cheapest unlimited internet scheme in India. Thanks to Tata DOCOMO. You can get the GPRS settings for your GPRS enabled mobile by sending "INTERNET" ( without quotes ) to 121

Saturday, April 3, 2010


                   Last week i had this problem. when i reached home from college, i tried to switch on my PC. but it gives me this error  "BOOTMGR is Missing". I was helpless, because i had all my project files inside my PC (particularly in C drive). So i cant format it. Then i came to a conclusion that i am gonna repair my PC with Vista DVD. You kinow,It worked well.
The steps i followed are

  • Insert Vista Bootable DVD inside the DVD Drive
  • Restart the PC and change the booting priority (If needed) in BIOS(press Del,when restart for doing this)
  • Then install windows will appear, we have to select English language and have to click on next
  • Next step select Repair your computer
  • Then we have to select Vista installed partition
  • In the System Recovery Options window select the first Option "Start up Repair"
This Process will be completed quickly and you can get back the system as before..