Thursday, April 8, 2010


                      Last night i was on the process of finding good universities and scholarship for foreign studies of my friends. but All of them are in foreign languages such as Deutsch, French,etc. I searched for Google translate button on the website, but they are not using that. So i finally decided to use Google translator extension for Google Chrome ,which can convert the whole website into our required language(In my case it's English) within a fraction of time.
                    I found two extensions from Chrome extension collections. They are two extensions which are helpful in this situations. First one is Google Translate and next is Bubble Translate. Google Translate will translate the web page with one click and also it can automatically detect the language. Download this Extension from Link1.

                The Bubble Translate will do it differently, In this Translation method we have to select the text to translate and click the icon nearer to address-bar, it will translate and show the result in a bubbled window.. You can download this and use it from Link2.

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