Thursday, March 4, 2010


                       Opera Software released on Tuesday its Opera 10.50 Web browser, calling it the fastest browser ever produced for Windows computers.Users no longer have to wait for a site to load.Other features include a refined design and private browsing. A new menu button replaces the traditional menu bar, providing single-point access to Opera features.
· Platform integration
o On Windows 7/Vista, you will notice a lot of visual changes and use of APIs, which allow the UI to display the Aero Glass effect. For Windows 7, we also added Aero Peek and Jump List support to help you easily access your Speed Dials, Tabs, etc. from the Taskbar.
o For Mac, a complete rewrite in Cocoa brings a Unified Toolbar, native buttons and scrollbars, multi-touch gestures (try 3-Finger Swipe Left/Right or Pinch to zoom) and a bunch of other small details. WeGG also added Growl notification support.
· “Private tab” and “Private window”
You can open a new Private tab or Private window that forgets everything that happened on it once closed.
· Non-modal dialogs
Dialog boxes (JavaScript alerts, HTTP authentication, etc.) are now non-modal and are displayed as a page overlay. This allows you to switch tabs or windows while the dialog is still displayed. Similarly, the Password Manager dialog is now anchored at the top of the page won’t block any content as it loads a new page.
· Address field and Search field improvements
Both fields have been upgraded in looks and functionality. They can now remember searches, support removing items from history and show results in a better layout.
Download Opera 10.5 at link1..


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