Monday, November 9, 2009


Hi friends,
             There is a facility in Windows Vista to restart your PC during some system crashes such as BSOD. Some people wants to disable this auto restart, Because of some problem due to unsaved data. Here I am specifying the steps for disabling this facility in windows vista. Steps are
  • Go to Start then select  Cotrol panel
  • There you click on the System and maintanence ( If you are using classic view,there won't be this option.. just double click on the System & proceed)
  • Then click on System link
  • Now click on Advanced System settings link
  • Now there will be a window, In that you uncheck the "Automatically restart" option
  • click OK.. After doing this, there won't be any Auto restart.......

After doing this steps, If any system failure happens, It will hang.. You must Restart it manually


  1. LOL! Whats the point of disabling auto restart if the system is going to hang anyways and I have to manually reboot it... why not just let it do it and save me the trouble? This makes no sense to me. It doesn't disable anything useful, it just keeps it from doing what you'll have to do anyways upon a system failure.

  2. You are right friend.. but in some cases it continously reboots.. It may be useful in those cases..


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