Thursday, November 19, 2009


Hi friends,
                  I was going on searching why Google is best for searching and doing so many things related to internet surfing. Different people have said different thoughts about Google and its search engine algorithm. But i was thinking," This is not a right answer for me"..  Because Every search engine in web are providing some nice search results nearly 90% similar to google.
                                                          Finally I found the simple reason,when i try to get download link for Google Chrome (Web browser). I have given the search Keywords as "fastest web browser" , "fastest web browser download" and "best web browser download" in Google search Engine .. I expected that Google Chrome will be the first result. But I was shocked because of the result. Because it shows Apple's Safari in first position and Mozilla firefox & Opera in the Next positions. This is the honesty of Google. If Google wants,it can show its Google Chrome at First Position. But It didn't do that.See The Snap here

                                                             Now I realized, Why Google is on top & King of search Engines. You can check the Snap here.

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