Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hi friend,
             Are you using dial-up or any other slow speed internet connection. If so, I hope you are suffering with the surfing of social networking & mail services. Now many of the ail services & social networking sites are providing there lite versions. So you just switch to the lite version. Now  Let us see about three main site's lite version switching methods. Its very simple..

                     It is very simple to switch from facebook standard version to Lite version. Just click on the link at right top of the page showing "Try Facebook Lite". Its shown in the image below

                 CIn Orkut, Its again very simple to change to Lite view. click on "Settings", Then there will be a page, in that you select "Show the low bandwidth version of orkut". & click on save changes. That's all.. Now You can orkut with speed. The image is shown below for your easy reference.

             It is again very very simple on Gmail. go to the bottom of the page,when you logged in.. There you can see a small link named "basic html".. Click on that.. That's enough......the image shows,where to click

Note: Some Lite versions may not offer chat facility. for example Gmail Lite(basic html view) doesn't support chat. In this case, download Gtalk & use it..

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