Thursday, November 12, 2009


Hi friends,
                 Good News for programmers from Google. Google Introduces its new programming language named "GO". It has been designed by designed by Robert Griesemer and Unix/Plan 9 veterans Rob Pike and Ken Thompson. 

                     Go is offering fast compilation, good performance, an expressive type system and built in language features. Go is an open sourced Programming language, which combines security and performance orientation benefits of static(compiled) programming languages like C++ with the speed of dynamic programming language(example: python). A simple code's screenshot is shown here

                         It is expected to be the fastest programming language and quite parallel to C Even huge imposing binaries is compiling in just few seconds.It will be a great and nice tool for multiprocessing  & fresh and light weight object oriented design. It has few features such as true closures,reflection,etc.,
                     Concurrency is done here using goroutines.. Start doing programs....with gooooooooooo...
Official Link for Go:

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