Monday, November 2, 2009


Web Browsing:
                  Browsing on web with your default phone's browser will give you a worst experience. So you may get tensed of using mobile phones for Browsing. But It's simple to have a web browser on your mobile phone. One of the Web browsers is Opera mini, which gives good speed of browsing. 

Download link:
If you are visiting from mobile,use this link :

Instant Messaging:
                                When you on the move, you may want to contact your friends through Instant messaging. There is a lite mobile messenger,with which you can chat with your. Name of the messenger is eBuddy.  Using this messenger you can chat with your IM friends on MSN, Yahoo, AIM, GTalk , ICQ & Facebook. You can directly download it  to your phone. Go to your phone's Web or Internet option and type the url as given below

Download link (use it for mobile phone):

Google Maps:

                      This application will provide navigation on your mobile. It is very nice to use

Download link (from mobile):

Yahoo Go!:
                  Yahoo Go! is use for using yahoomail, search, flicker, news reader,etc. It is simply best it will support all type of phones.

Download link for mobile phones: or just type

                There are more than one best software. All are best, here I am giving the download links
Avast! PDA edition :
Avira Antivir mobile:
Kaspersky Mobile security:

  1. There are so many applications other than above said. Here I have described only the frequent used apps.
  2. Some of the above listed software may not support many devices. If any Doubts about this, just post a comment...

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