Thursday, October 22, 2009


Hi friends, Are you in trouble with the effect of virus(After the removal of virus)?....... There is a solution for this problem. you can easily remove the effect of the virus from your PC Registry And the File System using Virus effect Remover.. Click here to download.(you need dotNet framework 3.5 to install this). In this software's main window there are six tabs.

  1. Main- deals with Registry editor,Task Manager,Processes list,AutoRun.inf File Status, Block USB AutoRun,Show Suspicious Files, Make Registry Backup, Restore Backup, and System File Checker.
    Running Processes. Display the running processes.
  2.  Process Detail- deals with running processes
  3. Block Virus- deals with the restriction of executable files(.exe, .com, etc.)
  4. Startup- deals with the list of programs that runs at startup
  5. Folder Options- It is not ready to use
  6. Settings- deals with add the program at startup, Ignore CDROM drive, add an icon in the system tray, & enable double click to kill process
Note: You should be careful with ending the process, because you may lose some unsaved data, & Also If u remove system files, some system programs may not be working properly.

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