Tuesday, October 27, 2009


Tilera on 26th october announced its new general purpose processor having 100-core chips. It is trying to make its contribution to server market.So, Tilera announces its next generation processors.
the two year old TILE-Gx family chips are targetted at servers for web related functions such as indexing, web search &video search. The chips are having the attribute for the general purpose CPU & they can suppot Linux Operating System and other web serving applications.
  • It may be serving as co-processors alongside x86 chips or may be replace the chips in appliances and servers
  • INTEL is going to release its Nehalem-EX chip, an x86 microprocessor with 8-cores
  • AMD  is going to release its 12-core Opteron chip code-named Magny Cours
  • Tilera's Gx100 100-core chip draws close to 55watts power @ maximum performance
  • These chips have some advantages in performance-per watt  in comparison with x86 chips
  • It can be used along with x86 processors. In this combination x86 does the execution of legacy applications& Tilera will do the Web-specific applications
  • Anyway, It may costs higher

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