Thursday, January 7, 2010


Hi friends,
          In some cases,our programming knowledge will struck-up. At that time creating simple modules will also be a difficult task for us. In those situations google code search will be helpful. Using this we can search and get modules,packges,Files,etc . Some of us doesn't know how to use Google Code search? . It's very simple,follow the steps below

  • is the link for google code search home
  • Using the Advanced search Options we can filter the results for packages,files, Case-sensitivity,etc
  • If you want to get codes in a specific language(for e.g C,C++,etc), you can select it and search at specific languages.

  • After the search, the result will be displayed with its filenames. That's all.. you got your Code

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  1. Nice, i got codes for simple antivirus.thanks


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