Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hi friends,
               One of my blogging friend (Named Suraj) has been created his own free eBook about the tricks and tips of Windows 7 Operating System. Now I am suggesting it to my dear readers. The Contents(brief) are given below:

Basic Tips for Novice:

Change the Theme
Use the search bar as a run bar
Windows Media Player
Cutting down the size of the taskbar
Right-Click Mania
Grouping of active applications
Using window actions for managing windows
Shake the rest away!
Change network settings
Use Sticky Notes
Use libraries
Moving order of applications in the taskbar
Shortcuts for window operations
Adding additional sources into Documents, Music, etc
Pinning applications to the taskbar
Quick access to frequently used folders
Constantly changing wallpapers
Quick preview mode in Windows Explorer
Gadget placement in Windows 7
Favorite Folders
Burn images
Troubleshoot problems
See more detail
Six Windows 7 keyboard shortcuts

Tips and Tricks for Advanced Users:

Changing the power button’s default function
Running applications with troubleshooting mode
Running applications using a different user account
Tweak PC volume
apturing screenshots in Windows 7
Protect your data
Show the desktop feature
Toning down the UAC
Double-Up Your Windows.
Checking for memory problems
Built-in Cleartype tuner
Including new folder into libraries
Enabling Windows XP Virtualisation mode
Windows 7’s resource monitor
Crunch The Numbers
Block annoying alerts
Switching back to the bare XP theme
Setting up backups
Quick sharing of resources
Search within ZIP files
Disable hibernation
Faster Windows shutdown
Load IE faster
Multiple file selection
Modify Add/Remove list
Activate Regional Themes
Change the location of your Personal Folders
Modify Windows 7 Search Index
Schedule Media Centre downloads
Startup repair
Other mouse gestures
Restore the Quick Launch Toolbar
Use VirtualBox to experience Windows 7
Changing the lid settings on a laptop
Boosting the performance
Some useful commands

  • Pages 44
  • Size 5.21 MB
Download .EXE version (11.66 mb best quality)

Download .PDF version (5.21 mb)

Download .RAR version (5.79 mb) with cover page.(recommended)

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  1. Thank you so much for publishing this ebook, I hope your readers may like it!


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