Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Now everyone can browse the internet and visit their favorite pages on any phone on the market today, even if that phone does not have an installed web browser or support for web browsing software. You can view the content of your favorite website in the form of text messages or can listen to that content on your phone.

HP Labs has launched a new technology called "SiteonMobile", that allows web access via SMS and voice services instead of the conventional webpage-based browsing method. For using this service, the user have to select the most accessed web content. Then SiteonMobile allow the users to pack the web interactions as widgets.

Later it will be delivered on to mobile through SMS or voice in landline connections. Based on cloud-computing, it targets small and medium enterprises to deliver content and services on their website via SMS and voice. The cloud computing service is currently available for free of cost but the enterprises may charge users for SMS and voice services after the project is fully updated.

The aim of this technology is to make the internet available to the masses with low-end mobile handsets. Businesses can utilize this platform to create "TaskLets" or task-based personal web interactions to ensure that only the relevant content is delivered instead of the complete web page. Visit http://www.siteonmobile.com get more information.

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