Sunday, June 6, 2010


Rdio, pronounced “R-dee-o”. It’s a social music streaming service, with desktop and mobile environments.It’s a new digital-music company, is competing to revolutionize the way people access, find and pay for music. Rdio has sealed deals with Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, EMI Music, and Sony Music Entertainment, along with some major indie gatherers of digital music. 

The newest music subscription service, Rdio, was unveiled this past Thursday, June 3. Founded by Janus Friis and Niklas Zennstrom, the San Francisco-based social music service promises to alter the way people access, discover and pay for music. 
Rdio’s desktop app is really compact and stays in sync with the website. If you pause your song, you can reboot your computer or close your browser, and it will remember your place.You can collaborate on playlists with friends.
Through a web and mobile application, Rdio allows you to sync music from iTunes or Windows Media Player libraries and immediately adds it into your collection. It can be accessed on any Web browser and will offer applications for iPhone and Blackberry, with an Android app coming soon. 

You pay $5 a month to get access to a lot of music. If you have a song in your iTunes, then it’s in your “collection” on Rdio, once you sync the two. For $10 a month, you can sync music to your mobile device, which could be very nice.Some downsides are that not all songs are available. Users can also share information about favorite songs and links with friends on Twitter and Facebook or via e-mail.

Rdio integrates mobile, media and social networks so its service is definitely more than an ordinary music subscription service.Rdio is committed to enhance how consumers discover and share music, as well as how they get music on smartphones or a web browser.

What separates Rdio from other music services is its highly social aspect, connecting you to other people and their music. You can follow friends and others with similar music tastes, check out what music they’re playing, listen to playlists they’ve created, and even collaborate on building playlists.

Rdio also allows you to discover new music through personal recommendations and artist-based radio stations based on your specific tastes and listening behavior. This music subscription service offers unlimited, on-demand access to five million songs from some of the world’s largest music labels, as well as a number of indie ones. 

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