Sunday, June 20, 2010


Opera has announced the release of the beta version of Opera 10.60,a few days after the release of its alpha version. This new version of PC browser is touted to be much faster than its earlier versions with lot of new features and enhancements.

Opera claims that the browser is as much as 50 percent faster than its previous stable version in benchmarks such as Peacekeeper where the Opera 10.60 beta improves performance by well over 50 percent.

The new beta version include an updated Opera Menu which has been made more apparent and easier to use, the tab previews have been improved, and use smooth animations now.

The page titles are made noticeably visible and the tabs are designed so neatly with blunt corners. This version comes with ‘wide screen speed dial’ feature that fits almost any monitor and offers better and clear view of websites.

It also supports GeoLocation, HTML5 (enhanced support now) and the WebM(makes viewing videos online easier).

Geolocation feature allows websites to provide you with more relevant information while using HTML5 Appcache, web applications can be designed to carry on different applications such as word processor, image editor, spreadsheets and much more ,in your web browser without Internet connection(online).

Opera Unite, Opera Turbo, and Opera Link are some of the known old features which still exist in the newer version.

You might want to download the beta and take it for a spin right now. Here is the download link


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