Friday, February 26, 2010


        I think you all are familiar with Google's picasa. Now it has released its latest version Picasa 3.6. Its a free Image editing software from Google. It has many new features than its previous versions such as Name tags.. Some of the updated features are given below..

Name tagging: you can select your friends face and name it and it can also be done for picasa web albums, If you do tagging once,you can sort your photos.

Collaborative album: In this a new concept is added that is,You can upload an album directly from picasa to your friends picasa web album.

Geotags: You can also add Geographic tags to your photos using the Places button below the image.

Import upload and share: These all options can be accessed at the same time.

Tags: Use the tags button below the images and manage all tags, tag counts ,etc.
                                                So Don't miss this release from Google..Download it from link1, visit the Picasa home page at link2.


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