Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Hi friends, Orkut has a feature named photo tagging. This is used for tagging your friend's photos in different images. If a guy locked his album & which is tagged on another person's open(not locked) album, then you can see the locked photo. A simple Example,
  1. You want to see raja’s photos from his album, but he has locked his album. So, you can’t view his pics.
  2. dany is raja’s friend. dany has got few photographs of raja in his album. Technically it does not matter if dany is having raja’s individual or group photos.
  3. Now if few of those raja’s picture has been tagged in dany’s album and dany’s album is not locked, you can see raja’s pictures.
You might think that dany is having a unlocked album, so anyone can see his photos, including raja’s. So, what’s the big deal in the trick. dany might be having more than ten of his friend’s photos in his album, how would you recognize who is raja from those pics? Photo tagging made it simple, just roll your mouse over those pictures and a link to raja’s profile will appear when you take your mouse cursor on raja’s photo part. Treat the above lines as theory, let’s do practical now. Go to the person’s profile and notice the link “Photos of him” just below his profile name. Check out the below screenshot.

That link will display the number of tagged photos that user has got. Click on that link. Now if those tagged photos belong to a unlocked album, you will be able to see his/her photos on Orkut. Presently this is the only trick that you can follow to view someone’s photo even if his album is locked on Orkut.


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