Friday, December 14, 2012

7 Useful Devices that Fit in Your Pocket

Although many of us consider our smartphones to be one of the most mobile tools in our collection, there are many still that go above what they can do. Until mankind builds a hand-held device that can literally do it all, we'll have to make do with the technologies that are supplied to us. There are many tools and gadgets that we can get that fit into our pockets for a variety of uses.

1. Pocket Projector - Have you ever needed to display a presentation to a client and wish you had a smaller projector that could fit into your tablet bag? Small projectors able to connect through mini HDMI ports can be connected to a tablet or laptop for presentations that can have up to a 50-inch viewable space. These LED projectors can be surprisingly strong for how small they are.

2. Oregon EB313HG Weather Forecaster - By using barometric pressure changes, this small device can forecast the weather while you're outdoors. This could be a great addition to your camping equipment to give you a warning of weather that could produce rain or snow within 24 hours. As this device doubles as an alarm clock, it is a great addition to any traveling equipment.

3. WiKi Spy Watch - Although this doesn't necessarily go into your pocket, it's still small enough to include in this list. The WiKi Spy Watch is a stylish silver analog watch that is equipped with a micro camera and microphone for covert audio and video recording. Adorning this piece of technology makes one feel like "M" is about to call them at any time to go on a mission.

4. Polaroid Touch Player - As MP3 players have evolved, so does the media in which they support. Polaroid makes a 4GB touch screen MP4 player that can play music and videos as well as record video clips and audio. A microSD card slot allows for additional storage and it's a great pocket sized device for the music playing shutter bug in your family.

5. USB Power Bar - There are millions of devices that are either powered by or charged with USB connections. You can get a USB power bar for all of your USB needs that fits in the palm of your hand. Whether you need to charge your phone or have gadgets that use USB power, one of these devices can come in quite handy.

6. Energizer Solar Charger - Akin to the USB power bar above, Energizer has created a solar powered charger for your mobile devices that can power your USB devices as well. This is another one of those tools that could come in handy while camping. In an emergency setting, this solar charger could mean the difference between calling for help and yelling really loud for help.

7. Pocket Microscope - Ever wondered what that little spot was on the table at the restaurant? With a 60x magnifying microscope you could be more enlightened as to what you're eating off of. Although you may want to consider some of the items you view through this pocket microscope, you could have the option to do so.

At the risk of seeming like Batman, you can have a wide range of tools fit into your pockets for various applications. While you don't need to adorn the hood and cowl, collecting gadgets could give you functionality in your daily life depending on the task you need completed. Like a Boy Scout, it's always better to be prepared than to be without.

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